What is Biofield Viewer?

A Non-Invasive Energetic Scanning System.

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All the physiological activities in the body such as blood flow, sweating etc. causes very small electro-magnetic fields around our body. This matrix of electro-magnetic fields is referred to as the biofield or aura. In extremely controlled environments these fields can be measured, but the equipment needed is so expensive that this technology is not yet available for the general use. However, there is a way to indirectly gauge the biofield, which is the basis of Biofield Viewer.

An experienced practitioner can interpret the Biofield scan images to identify stress, low energy, blocks or congestion in the body, that is already there or coming up.

Non-Invasive Assessment

Biofield viewer is a non-invasive assessment of your system. Which mean there will be no needles and you will not be exposed to harmful radiation when taking Biofield scan images. Scan images of the Biofield Viewer are created using Interference Photography technology. In simple words it makes use of the difference in the light intensity on your skin to create the scan images. This information is captured via a video camera or web camera and processed in the Biofield Viewer software to generate the scan images.

Scanning environment is very important to get the best images, specially the lighting. Our lighting system has the full spectrum of colors as in the sunlight, and white walls and curtains to reflect as much light on you and restrict any other light source inadvertently changing the scan images.

Advantages of Biofield Scanning

  • A non-invasive energy scanning system
  • Visually reveals where current problems may exist
  • motivating people to make better-informed health choices by revealing where issues might arise thereby
  • Demonstrates healing procedure by easily comparing changes before and after treatments

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Success Stories

I’ve heard about the Biofield Viewer scan done at Holistic Wellness Home and I was very keen to do a Biofield scanning. I was not sure what to expect. Once I completed my scanning, I was surprised what I saw. It showed me the issues I have with my back which I have been ignoring for a couple of months and to see it with my own eyes was proof that Biofield scanning works! In the discussion session after the scanning I was advised about postures corrections and was directed to a Physiotherapist for further actions.

Biofile Viewer Trivia

Here are some interesting information about Biofield Viewer.

  • Biofield Viewer is safe for everyone, including pregnant mothers, because there is no radiation.
  • Client has to remove top layer of cloths to take the Biofield Viewer scan images. So we have female practitioners to take scan images of ladies and male practitioners to take scan images of gents.
  • Biofield Viewer shows energetic blockages, it is not a diagnostic tool for medical conditions