Remote Clearances and Distant Healing Programmes

Enjoying the benifits of clearances and activations in the comfort of your home

Advanced Energy Clearances

Both Reiki and the advanced clearances are designed to be done remotely. Clearance process happens through the sacred codes that transfers to the client, regardless of the proximity to the practitioner. Therefore, you can join the program and get exactly the same benefits whether you are in the same venue as the practitioner or at a different country.

Programs options

Program NameProgram ContentNumber of session
Remote META Coaching ProgramOne Coaching / Consultation session
Two Auric Clearance sessions
Two Karmic Imprint Clearance sessions
One J-Seal Removal session
Two Stage DNA Activations - Two sessions
Remote Auric and Karmic Imprint ClearancesOne Auric Clearance session
One Karmic Imprint Clearance session
Remote Auric ClearanceOne Auric Clearance session1
Reiki Distance HealingOne Reiki Distance Healing session1

Joining the program

You can call us or send us an email to initiate the process. Please include following information in your email,

  • Program you wish to join
  • Two most significant information about your current life situation
  • Results you are expecting to manifest in your life
  • Any other information you are guided to share with us

After the discussion we can agree on a date and time for the first session of the program. First session of the Remote META Coaching Program is a face to face session with the practitioner, which can be done via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Making payments

Depending your country there are many choices of payments, please talk to us to find details.

Guidance and Support

You get unlimited email support from the practitioner throughout the program. Please talk to us if you need special face to face session arranged.

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Important Information about Advanced Clearances and META Coaching

  • Full META Coaching Program can be done distantly
  • Advanced clearances are done in the order of Auric Clearances, Karmic Imprint Clearances, J-Seal Removal and DNA Activation
  • Before Enrolling in the META Coaching or Auric Clearance, participant may have to go through Reiki sessions to prepare the energy body for advanced clearances