Reiki in Sri Lanka

At Holistic Wellness Home, we are dedicated to our mission of raising human consciousness towards LIGHT by facilitating healing within each soul that we touch with our healing hands, positive words and loving heart. It is our sincere intent that Sri Lankans as well as visitors from around the world take the full benefit of this secular healing modality to make their lives more fulfilling.

Professional Reiki Certification Training programs and individual Reiki treatments are now available in this beautiful country of Sri Lanka making Sri Lanka more than just another holiday destination for tropical woods and sunny beaches. Now Sri Lanka is a healing destination for the spiritual seeker as well as those who are seeking holistic wellness which is more than just an ayurvedic body massage.

This all encompassing healing modality and spiritual experience is open to individuals from all walks of life - from unborn babies, pregnant mothers, small children, young adults and adults of all age groups. Even pets and plants can receive the benefits of Reiki. Nationality, race or religion is no longer a barrier to learn and experience Reiki. Our past students are from a variety of religious beliefs including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and new age spiritual beliefs where they believe in everything. Professionals are seeking to receive benefits of Reiki to de-stress and to be inspired for a higher-purpose in life. Our students include software professionals, engineers, doctors, lawyers, corporate executives, managers, CEOs, HR professionals, teachers, trainers and coaches.

Holistic Wellness Home

Reiki Treatment

Sri Lankans as well as travelers from other countries are warmly welcomed to our center, Holistic Wellness Home located in Rajagiriya, Colombo, Sri Lanka to receive this life changing and transformational experience. The ambience, people and energy field of our wellness home encapsulate the visitor and give a deep sense of relief and comfort just by walking through the main entrance. Pets at Holistic Wellness Home are a welcoming experience for all animal lovers. The green stretch, chirping birds and the multi colour flowers you will see as you enter from the gate give a feeling of being in an ashram near woods although it’s located in a busy town in Sri Lanka. The safe and residential environment will assure the first time visitor that it’s definitely a good part of this magnificent country Sri Lanka.

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki is the original version of Reiki as taught by Dr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

Now you can learn Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Degree I, Reiki Degree II, Reiki Advanced Certificate and Reiki Master Teacher Degree in Sri Lanka from a well experienced Master Teachers at Holistic Wellness Home since 2012. Majority of students who learned Reiki at Holistic Wellness Home are from Sri Lanka and there have been students from other countries as well including India, Maldives, Indonesia, UK, USA, South Africa, Sweden, Germany and France.

Reiki Treatment

Other Services at Holistic Wellness Home

For the first time in Sri Lanka, we offer continuous Reiki twenty one (21) day treatment which has done wonders for so many people. The twenty one (21) day Reiki treatment has given our clients freedom from life-long diseases, relieved them from sicknesses that did not have any explanations from medical practitioners and even resolved problems that were said to be still incurable with current advanced medical technology. Depending on the amount of commitment one likes to make, seven (7) days and fourteen (14) days continuous Reiki treatments are also made available at our wellness home.

Biofield Viewer Imaging to scan for energetic blockages is a unique product that only available with Holistic Wellness Home in Sri Lanka. This non-invasive scanning system shows not only the current concerns, but also the possible issues that could come-up in the future.

We also offer special healing treatments for those who are ready to evolve to their highest potential self and live their life’s purpose. These treatments include Auric Clearance and Karmic Clearance, J-Seal removal and the DNA Activations.

Success Stories

I had all the comforts in life and even with all that I always felt inadequate. I know the problem too, I used to have a very negative perspective of my life. For a long time I did not take a single step to solve my issues. In my holiday visit to Sri Lanka, I received my Reiki degree I and II attunements from Gamaka and became a Reiki practitioner. My relationships are improving and now only I feel that I am living my life fully.Reiki has really changed the life in ways I always wanted have.
Yvonne - France

Holistic Wellness

Here are some interesting information about Holistic Wellness.

  • Mind, Body and Soul are interconnected and affects one another, disease of one can affect the others and so it health
  • Healing is faster when all Mond, Body and Soul in engaged in the healing process
  • Food you eat, thoughts you think and spirituality you express are all equally important.