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JayaShri Energy Healing

With 32 years of experience in intensive inner work, through various spiritual orientations JayaShri Maathaa, has realized a unique understanding about life, universe and existence. These understandings have brought about miraculous mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing in her life. Along with Master GamakaShri, JayaShri Maatha cocreated a range of energy healing approaches, modalities and techniques over the last 12 years. It is understood, that the time has come to share this knowledge with rest of the world, with the intention of helping people bring about permanent healing in lives which can reflect as a positive transformation in every aspect of life.

This series of energy healing training programs will help the student, clear the energetic blockages which are stopping them living the life to their highest divine potential.

These programs are designed based on applied psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, Reiki, QiGong, Chakra healing, and few other leading new age spiritual frameworks. By completing this training program you will be able to help yourself to create the life you desire and in the process help others do the same.

This is a certification training. Content of the program is designed in a way that you can bring about a permanent healing and shift in your awareness of one specific area of life or general in life. And also use this specific structured knowledge to help others through your profession or business. You also can build your own practice using this knowledge. Therefore, completing all eight modules including a knowledge review and practice assessment is a must to receive the certificate.

Program specialty: In this program you will experience mental, physical, emotional healing through a moment practice called QiGong. There will be a 15 minutes QiGong practice, in all 8 sessions.

Program Structure

  • Program name: Advanced Energy Healing Practitioner Certification Training (Tier 1 Training)
  • Duration: 3 months (20 hours online classwork) and Bonus 4 hours of personal coaching/mentoring
  • Target Audience: Ideal for REIKI Practitioners, Yoga teachers, Psychologists, Coaches, Counsellors, Trainers and Meditation Teachers.

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Energy and Healing In this module you will learn a practical definition of Energy, how to perceive energy, and how to use mind and body to channel energy for the purpose of healing.
Module 2: Neuro Dynamics for Inner Work In this module you will learn how the mind works, fundamentals neuro linguistic programming, and techniques to program the mind for the purpose of healing and growth.
Module 3: Meditation for Energy Healing In this module you will learn three (3) meditation techniques to train the mind for the purpose of increasing sensory acuity for energy and energy awareness.
Module 4: Chakra Healing In this module you will learn how the chakra system works and 3 advanced charka healing techniques to bring about mental, physical and emotional healing.
Module 5: Inner Child Work In this module you will learn the concept of “Inner Child” and how to communicate with your own inner child to heal trauma and past painful memories.
Module 6: Ho`oponopono In this module you will learn an old Hawaiian technique to bring about a permanent shift in your awareness which will result in bringing about a visible positive change in life.
Module 7: Timeline Therapy In this module you will learn how to clear trauma and past painful memories using a known physiological method to bring about inner healing and transform negative energy in to positive.
Module 8: Knowledge Review and Assessment This module includes a quiz and a practical test.
Special Free Bonus You will get four (4) personal mentoring sessions, one hour each by JayaShri Maathaa and Master GamakaShri. One at the beginning and others at end of the program.

Program Fee

  • Course Fee: USD 3000/-
  • Payment in Full upon registration: USD 2100/-
  • Payment plan: USB 1000/- in three (3) installments to be paid over 3 months

Learning Path - Next Tiers

Tier Two: The Advanced Manifestation Practitioner

Tier Three: The Energy Doctor

With 100& commitment, dedication, loyalty, passion, perseverance for over three (3) full years and with our guidance and mentoring, you can intend to become an Energy Doctor.

If you resonate with this information, then keep it in your heart and start on work on this energetically.

Destination is the journey
Journey is the Destination.

By becoming a Tier Three Energy Doctor, you can become a true custodian of the Mother Earth.

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  • Meditation
  • Chakra Healing
  • Ho`oponopono