JayaShri Divine Activations

21-Day Energetics Healing Meditation Practice with JayaShri Maathaa

Remember Who You Are!

Program Intention:

  1. Give you the daily dose of motivation, healing, and spiritual alignment
  2. Break free from old karmic patterns through energetic activations and clearances
  3. Upgrade your personal energy to a higher vibration
  4. Manifest a positive shift in your life
  5. Experience that breakthrough you have been waiting all your life or specifically this year

"There is only one reason why you feel stuck in life. Be it a physical ailment, mental problem, emotional imbalance, financial issue, relationship problem, or a spiritual discomfort, it all happens due to one reason; that is, you have forgotten who really are deep within and beyond your personality, name, and physical form. Who you are, is divinity itself, pure positive creative energy source of the Universe. You are having the Buddha / Christ consciousness within you without an exception. You are complete spirit, unconditioned from any karmic bondage. But you need to have a regular remembrance process to be aligned with who you really are. Without a regular practice, right environment and support your mind gets entangled with its own tail and go on in circles without feeling free and content."

This 21-day program will help you connect with your divinity and help awaken your divine consciousness in the human form. These early morning sessions will help you be free from continuous struggling due to borrowed collective human conditioning.

You will Learn Powerful:

  1. Psychological principles and techniques
  2. Mantras and Sound Healing Code Activations
  3. Quantum Transformational Positive Affirmations
  4. Energy healing techniques to heal your mind, body, Heart, and Soul

I have combined 20 years' experience in NLP, Reiki, Psychology, Meditation, and QiGong to help you experience a permanent positive shift in this yet.

In this challenging time, what we need most is right guidance and emotional support to stay anchored in our true identity beyond personality, cultural conditioning, name and form.

Duration: 1 month.

Commencing on 1st of each month.

Program Includes:

  1. 21 recorded meditation sessions (total 21-hour duration) - For best results, it is recommended that you practice this meditation in the sequential order every day for continuous 21 days, first thing in the morning. You just have commit to allocate 1 hour every day to sit in meditation practice in an undisturbed place. Use of headphones recommended. You have access to these recordings for lifetime, you can continue to practice even after 21 days.
  2. Access to three (3) Power Awareness Training Sessions
  3. Two (2) live sessions via zoom - to initiate you to the JayaShri Divine Activations and 1 live session after completing the 21 days to answer any questions and further guidance on your new path in life.

Course Fee:

  1. REAL VALUE of this course is 6666 USD
  2. Time-limited Exclusive offer: 666 USD

Payment Instructions:

  • Payment to be made in full three (3) days prior to the program commencement.
  • All course fees are non-refundable.

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