J-Seal Removal

Removing the unnatural and artificial seals that cause energetic distortions.

J-Seal Removal

There are unnatual and artificial seals placed on earth. Since the Earth and humans are built energetically the same, you inherit these seals at birth. These seals are located on the left side of the body and they may manifest dis-ease in the respective locations, which cause progressive deterioration of the body that might even lead to death. These energetic distortions are,

  • Seven unnatural J-Seals
  • Templar Seal
  • Cell Death Programs
  • Metatronic Seal
  • Crown of Thorns
  • Zeta Seal

Benefits of J-Seal Removal

  • Ability to reach higher states such as bliss and unconditional love
  • Better connection to Higher-Self / Devine-Self
  • Ability to breathe better and better circulation
  • Dissipation of back, neck and knee problems
  • More psychic skills
  • Curing of the unexplained long term dis-eases

Prerequisites for a J-Seal Removal Session

To take part in in J-Seal removal session you must have gone through Auric Clearance and Karmic Clearance sessions with us.

J-Seal Removal Session

In the J-Seal removal sessions clearances are done to remove all 7 unnatural J-Seals, the Templar Seal, the Metatronic Seal, Crown of Thorns and the Zeta Seal.

Duration: One hour

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Success Stories

I wanted to tell you that, I could feel the energetic blockages clearing on the left side of my body, especially in my neck, I am feeling light and free. More than anything, my intuition has become really sharp and my focus on personal and professional growth has taken a dramatic increase. Now I understand the intentions of other people better, assess the situations more accurately and get into meditative states much easily. Much love for the healing you have given me.

Important Information about J-Seal Removal

  • J-Seal Removal session is only done after Auric and Karmic Imprint Clearance sessions
  • J-Seal Removal need to be done only once in life time
  • J-Seal removal can be done for very young children so that they can have the best choices in life, without hiderence