DNA Activations

Become intuitive, realize your life purpose and express your creative potential.

Advanced Energy Clearances

What is DNA Activation?

Energetic DNA corresponds to your latent potential and possibilities that permit the you to have greater human accomplishments. In the contemporary society most people only have the first three strands of DNA active, those corresponding to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakras. These chakras control issues related to sex and survival, victimization, pain, and suffering, poverty consciousness, and power, ego, and control. This is why most people are stressed out, unhappy, suffering from dis-ease, wage wars and does not experience love.

When you activate 4th DNA strand, which corresponds to the heart chakra, your evolution starts and be able to truly cultivate unconditional love. When you activate your all 12 strand of DNA, your psychic, telepathic, and manifestation abilities going to get a major boost, your health is going to dramatically improve, you start to look younger and your attention & focus going to become razor sharp.

Why Activate DNA?

Now, most people have to put a lot of effort and meditate for many years just to have the simplest of spiritual experiences. Every master that has ever been on Earth has had assistance from higher masters with their DNA activation, simply because the Earth cannot accrete enough frequency to allow this to happen naturally.

Benefits of DNA Activation

  • Start having strong intuitions on what you need to do here on earth.
  • Being able to fully embody you soul mission.
  • Start attracting people, places, events, and things that support you soul mission.
  • Greater genius to accomplish the things you most desire.
  • Improved concentration and focus.
  • Increased energy and rejuvenation of various organs, tissues and muscles.
  • Spontaneous healing of acute dis-eases.
  • Removal of the repressed and unresolved emotions that is the cause of great deal of suffering in life.
  • Clearing dysfunctional attitudes, beliefs systems and thought-forms.

What a Session Feels Like

The session feels gently powerful. You may have visions, remembrances and inner experiences; you may feel fleeting, moving and tingling sensations going throughout your body or you may simply fall asleep. As the DNA strands are being activated, you will probably become aware of a subtle relaxation and a lifting of tension. This is usually accompanied by an involuntary deep breath.

In the days and weeks to come, you will experience more and more joy, spiritual ascension, hyperconscious awareness, higher frequency, and spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being.

DNA Activation Session

DNA Activation is done in two days, as a two stage process.

Duration: One hour each day

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Success Stories

I am in bliss right now. Joining the META Coaching was the significant milestone in my life. Since completing this amazing program, my life has become almost magical. I met so many people who are willing to help me and guide me that I did all my life, guided by situations and circumstances that help me grow every day. I can’t help but feeling really blessed. I am certain that I am truly living my purpose now. Thank you so much.

Important Information about Advanced Clearances and META Coaching

  • DNA Activation is always distantly
  • Participants need to have completed all the other advanced clearances in the order receive DNA Activation