Distant Reiki Attunement

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Reiki attunements of all three degrees can be received distantly. We have observed many foreign students prefer distant attunement, while many Sri Lankan students choose to visit our center for their attunements. Both forms of attunement are equally effective, only difference is the additional responsibility student has to control their environment during the time of attunement.

Distant attunements will be done by either Reiki Master Gamaka or Reiki Master Jayamini.


Reiki Distant Symbol

Contact us to receive the instructions to register for distant attunement. In the registration process we will agree on the specific date and time for the attunements.

We will send an email with instructions for preparation prior to the attunement, what to do during the attunement and after. You will also receive a comprehensive manual (e-book) for the level of attunement you have requested. It is not a must to read the manual prior to the attunement. Yet, having read it can make you more aware about Reiki and how it works, which is always a good thing for a Reiki practitioner.

We will conduct the attunement in the agree date and time. The certificate will be sent to you within 48 hours of completion of the attunement


Our intention is to see, hear, feel and know that your life has become better after the attunement and you feel deeply connected with yourself and universe with love. We would like you to experience this beautiful connection with existence and all that is in daily life.

You can contact us any time before and after the attunement to receive continuous support for your Reiki journey.

Success Stories

Dear Gamaka and Jayamini,
This note come you to say very BIG thanks to you. I thank you for your hospitality. Thank you for sharing of your energy levels. Thank you for sharing of your wonderful knowledge. Thanks for your lovely commitment to the world. It's really great. I'm really the privilege one to reach you. Still the words of 'smile' and 'forgive' ringing in my ears. Once again my heartfelt thanks to you and to Nilmini. Take care. May the Divine Assistance always with you. With grateful hearts,
Alexandra - UK

Reiki Attunement Trivia

Here are some interesting information about Reiki Attunement.

  • Attunement process makes Reiki unique compared to other Energetic Rebalancing modalities such as Pranic Healing. Reiki Practitioner is fully qualified to practice Reiki soon after the attunements.
  • Attunement procedure is a ceremony done by the Reiki Master, while the student stays seated in a meditative state.
  • Depending on the lineage attunement procedure may vary, but it has the same effect.
  • The most important aspect of the attunement is the Intention of both Reiki Master and student.