Auric Clearance

Clear the Discarnates, Occupants and Portals in Your Aura


The Aura is an electro-magnetic energy field that surrounds both animate and inanimate things. All human beings have an aura that surrounds their physical bodies. In order for us to function at our highest potential as human beings our energy field must be clear of all interferences and entities that hinder our personal growth. However, sometimes throughout many lives we have accumulated discordant energies that are attached to our aura. These negative energies in our aura create imbalances bringing about physical illnesses and emotional/mental disturbances. They also prevent us from moving forward on our life purpose and living a successful life.

Through the Auric Clearance program it is possible remove these attachment permanently at the energetic level. In this program the following types of entities are cleared from the aura:

  • Discarnates – Discarnates are beings that have died but have not gone to the other side and are instead stuck in the astral level, haunting people from there and attaching to a person's auric field
  • Occupants – An occupant is a soulless thought form that thinks it owns the body. They are formed when a person goes through a traumatic incident. These occupants can go on to create negative thought patterns that hinder a person’s progress in all areas.
  • Portals – Portals are energetic openings in the aura that cause vital life force energy to be leaked out the energy field.

Is Auric Clearance for You?

Auric Clearance is for you if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • You are frequently irritated, agitated, angry or in a rage
  • You have low energy, lack of energy, feel lazy and are mostly sedentary
  • You can’t focus on one thing for more than 5 minutes without getting distracted
  • You are fearful, constantly worrying about the future and not present in the NOW
  • You have lots of inner conflicts and voices in your head
  • You are taking drugs, alcohol or cigarettes
  • You feel your energy goes down when you are around other people
  • You have little or no motivation for life and often wish you weren’t here
  • You are not sensitive to energy and have little or no higher senses abilities

Benefits of Auric Clearance

  • Have more energy and more vitality
  • Complete holistic and physical health
  • Higher frequency friends and romantic partners
  • More exuberance and returning to the childhood state of wonderment
  • More money, better financial opportunities coming your way
  • Being able to embody and cultivate Omni-love for yourself and all of humanity
  • Activating your 7 higher senses

Prerequisites for a Auric Clearance Session

You can receive Auric Clearance if you have completed any of following programs with us

  • Learned Reiki Degree I or higher level
  • Received Reiki treatments
  • Gone through the Life Coaching program or Hypnotherapy

Auric Clearance Session

In an Auric Clearance session discarnates, occupants and portals are cleared from your Aura. You might need one or more Auric Clearance sessions depending the state of your Aura.

Duration: One hour

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Success Stories

I was unable to concentrate on my work, and it was getting piled up every day… and I felt like I am loosing focus on my whole life. This is when I was guided to the Holistic Wellness Home web site, They suggested me a treatment course with few Reiki sessions and Advanced Clearances. Reiki really helped me to ease out and start to pick up my work. But is was the Auric and Karmic Clearances that made me turn things around and take back the control. I came out like a new person! I could focus on my work, achieve my deadlines easily and effortlessly. It was a very wonderful experience at the Holistic Wellness Home, Thanks to Jayamini and Gamaka.

Auric Clearance Trivia

Here are some interesting information about Auric Clearances.

  • Auric Clearance is done using the codes of AHA
  • Auric Clearance is can be done both in Personal and Remotely
  • An Auric Clearance makes you feel like a heavy burden is lifted away