Advanced Energy Clearances

Clear the Energetic Blockages

Advanced Energy Clearances

Humanity today is stuck in a physical, emotional and mental reality, unable to get closer to the capabilities and possibilities of our divine selves. We are stuck because of the blockages in our energetic-body, karmic imprints we have inherited, unnatural seals placed on earth that in turn affect us, and the dormant DNA that has been waiting for eons to be activated.

Now we can help you!

GOOD NEWS is that now we have technology available to us to,

META Coaching

To take best results from the Advanced Energy Clearances, we recommend 21 day META Coaching program. Program consists of Auric Clearance, Karmic Imprint Clearance, J-Seal Removal and DNA Activation. These are done in eight (8) sessions as follows,

  • One (1) Coaching / Consultation session
  • Two (2) Auric Clearance sessions
  • Two (2) Karmic Imprint Clearance sessions
  • One (1) J-Seal Removal session
  • Two (2) Stage DNA Activations - Two (2) sessions


Based on the availability of you and the practitioner we schedule one or two sessions a week. We usually recommend a gap of three days between two energetic clearance sessions. First four energy clearance sessions (Auric and Karmic clearance sessions) can be done face to face with the practitioner or remotely. Last three sessions (J-Seal and DNA Activation) are always done remotely. Consultation and Coaching sessions are also done either face to face or remotely.

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Success Stories

I was a mess before my META Coaching with Jayamini. I had a lot of trouble in work places and I changed my jobs every two years, pretty much all the romantic relationships I was with people who disrespected me, I felt so disconnected from my family, especially my mother. I noticed the changes immediately after my first Auric Clearance session. I felt light and happy and I could smile with my mom, which I have not done forever. Throughout the program I started noticing how toxic people move away from me, how I start attracting genuine love and care. Now, after about three months from the completion of the program, my boss said I have done the best work in the past quarter. I am so grateful about my decisions to take part in the META Coaching program.

Important Information about Advanced Clearances and META Coaching

  • Full META Coaching Program can be done distantly
  • Advanced clearances are done in the order of Auric Clearances, Karmic Imprint Clearances, J-Seal Removal and DNA Activation
  • Before Enrolling in the META Coaching or Auric Clearance, participant may have to go through Reiki sessions to prepare the energy body for advanced clearances